Data protection privacy notice

New standards of data protection regulations came into force on 25 May 2018 called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), now supplemented in UK legislation under the Data Protection Act 2018. Like many organisations in the UK who hold personal data, Shropshire County Pension Fund has put in place plans to ensure we are compliant.

As part of this process we have prepared a privacy notice in our capacity as the administering authority and data controller of your pension benefits, which gives details of our responsibilities and obligations including what information is held, who it is shared with and what your rights are in relation to accessing this data.

The fund takes part in a data sharing project called the National Insurance Database with other LGPS pension funds across England, Scotland and Wales. As LGPS funds are all locally administered, the database allows us to check if members have LGPS records in other pension funds. This check is an important administrative task when dealing with a member who has benefits in another fund to ensure the correct benefits are paid. For more information please read the National Insurance database under Related Links.

Below is an overview of the type of information contained in the notice: