Changes in employment

A change in employment may mean different things for different employers.

If a member finishes in one job and begins another the next day this is generally seen as a post number change. In this situation, we'll add the new post number to the member’s existing pension record.

However, if you think there’s been a change in employment, you'll need to complete a leaver’s form. We'll then open a new pension record for the new job and defer the current pension benefits. The member will then have the option to join their records together if they wish.

If the member has less than two years’ LGPS membership, including any transferred from other pension schemes, they can't choose to leave it separate from their new pension account.

Please make sure that you are aware of regulation 10 of the 2008 regulations. This allows a member with final salary service to request their final pay be based on the highest of the three consecutive years from the last 13 years. This will apply where they move jobs and get a new post number. But, it will not apply if they are classed as having started a new employment.