Scheme leavers before retirement

What happens to a member's benefits when they leave or opt out of the LGPS, will depend on how long they've been in the scheme.

Refund or deferred pension?

From 1 April 2014, members must have two year's qualifying membership in the scheme to be entitled to benefits.

If they've less than two years, they could have a refund of contributions if:

  • They've not re-joined the LGPS within a month and a day of leaving their job, of which they are claiming the refund of contributions
  • They're not currently making contributions to the LGPS
  • They don't already have deferred benefit in the LGPS
  • They're not in receipt of a pension from the LGPS
  • They've not transferred pension rights from the LGPS to an overseas pension scheme

If the member opts out of the scheme with under three months membership, and a refund is due, the refund of contributions can be made through your payroll. For leavers over three months, a leaver’s form must be completed.