Death in service

How do I tell you about a death in service?

You must tell us about a death in service on the PEN007B form. Please include as much information as possible. We also need to see the original death certificate, if available.

Death grant

If a member dies in service, a death grant is due from the first day of their membership. The death grant is three times the member’s actual pensionable pay (not full time equivalent if member was part time).

As the administering authority, we make the final decision about who to pay the death grant to. But, we take the wishes of the member into account.

Where the death grant is higher than £5,000 and payment is to the estate, either a grant of probate, will or letters of administration will be needed.

Benefits for a widow/er, civil partner, cohabiting partner & children

If there’s a surviving spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partner, benefits will be due when we receive the requested certificates. If there are eligible children, a children’s pensions will also be due.