Processing leavers and retirements

These pages are for employer use only. Member information can be found on the home page.

Processing leavers before retirement

What happens to a member’s benefits if they leave or opt out, depends on how long they've been in the scheme. If they've been in the scheme for more than three months you must fill in a leavers form.

Processing retirements and deaths

You're responsible for working out if and what benefits are due.

If a member is retiring, you must identify which type retirement applies on the leavers form. Your options will be:

  • Normal retirement
  • Early retirement
  • Flexible retirement
  • Redundancy/efficiency retirement
  • Ill-Health retirement

When should you tell us about a retirement?

If a member is retiring, you should let us know their final pay as soon as it is available. Once we have this information we'll be able to work out their benefits and give them their options.