Admission body

Admitted bodies either become employers in the LGPS as a result of a TUPE transfer, or following an application to become an employer in the scheme. In both cases, an admission is subject to the body meeting the eligibility criteria and an admission agreement being signed by all relevant parties.

An admission agreement as defined by the LGPS regulations 2013 is; an agreement between an administering authority and an admission body that named individuals, or all or any specified class of the admission body’s employees, may be members of the scheme.

To become an admitted body an organisation must fall into two main categories:

  • A body that has a community of interest with local government employers. It's a ‘not for profit’ organisation and is admitted to the fund by an admission agreement.
  • A company that has taken on work on behalf of a scheme employer by means of a contract or other arrangement and is admitted to the fund by an admission agreement. More information can be found on the page for current scheme employers considering outsourcing.

More information is also available in the guidance for employers on admitted body status leaflet.