Deferred member

Welcome to the deferred member area of the Shropshire County Pension Fund website.

Deferred benefits are worked out for you if you leave the LGPS before you retire. 

They're held in your pension fund until:

  • your normal pension age 
  • you take them before your normal pension age at a reduced rate, or after your normal pension age at an increased rate;
  • you're given access to them because of ill-health; or
  • you decide to transfer them to a different pension scheme. 

Your normal pension age depends on when you left the LGPS. If you left the scheme after 1 April 2014, your normal pension age is linked to your State Pension age. If you left the scheme before 1 April 2014, your benefits normally have a normal pension age of 65. In some cases, this could be earlier if certain protections apply. 

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